My Romance To You! Romance is a Never Ending Story. The End of one Romance Story Marks the Beginning of Another.

When Is Valentine’s Day

Hazel sat down on the couch in her apartment feeling sad and angry. Two days past valentines’ day and yet her boyfriend Wycliffe had said nothing! Not even a ‘happy valentines’ wish! At first, she had been worried that maybe he got into an accident or something bad happened...


ROMANCE: What’s the Big Idea About it.

Romance has been a very confusing subject and it’s perception changes over time. It makes people frustrated about it and I for one can account to be one of them at one point. The frustration and confusion lead to people making a big deal out of it and make it...


About my blog

My Little Story Hello and welcome to Romance Me! This website, just like you have concluded by now is about Romance. I never knew I would be writing and be into romance but here I am. I was a good writer growing up but I discovered that romance was...